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05.02.19, Bucharest, Romania: National Coalition’s efforts to promote the positive contribution of BPI in Romania

On 5th of February the national Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees from Bucharest, Romania, held it’s first meeting of 2019.

The aim of the meeting was to establish an action plan for the following year and to discuss the opportunity of a collective book authored by the Coalition members. The representatives of the Romanian Institute for the Research of the Quality of Life – the academic members of the Coalition - proposed the idea. 

The scope of the book would be to raise awareness of the public sector, namely authorities and members of the Parliament, as well as the general public, regarding the struggles of all categories of foreigners choosing to live in Romania, including beneficiaries of protection. Each organization that is a coalition member would draft a chapter to present their day-to-day activity in a very accessible and easy-to-follow manner focusing on the contributions that our beneficiaries bring to the Romanian society. The volume will be coordinated by Alexandra Deliu and Bogdan Voicu and hopefully will find an interested publisher once its drafted.
Also, during the meeting three coalition members presented the amendments sent on behalf of the Coalition in January 2019 to a bill proposed by the Romanian Authority for Child Protection regulating the national Law on child protection. The Coalition’s amendments referred to the need to guarantee better access to protection for unaccompanied minors, as well as clearer responsibilities for local authorities responsible with minor asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection.