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16.10.2018 7th coalition meeting focused on on the topic of integration of Vietnamese in Czechia

    The People in Need in cooperation with Viet up organized an all-day coalition meeting on the topic of integration of Vietnamese in Czechia. The Vietnamese are the third largest group of foreigners and the first largest group of non-European foreigners living in Czechia consisting of immigrants, beneficiaries of international protection as well as Czech citizens with a migrant origin. Due to their very different cultural and language background, they meet very specific obstacles in adaptation into Czech environment. At the same time, national as well as local integration policies and measures struggle to be effective and efficient  in case of this group. The main goal of the meeting was to put together experts from various fields in order to identify crucial aspects on integration of Vietnamese and to network participatns and thus, to help them to be more effective in their efforts.
    Around 50 key stakeholders in integration policies and experts from accros the country arrived, in particular representatives of the state administration and municipalities, people from primary and nursery schools, intercultural and NGO workers, Vietnamese Diaspora, academia, Police and many others. The main issues and problems of integration of the specific ethnic group of immigrants and beneficiaries of international protection were discussed. Participants were also provided with space to share their experience with work with Vietnamese clients, students, users, etc. 
The whole event was thanks to volunteers from Viet up in very pleasant atmosphere.