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2nd coalition meeting of the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (ΝΙΕΜ) project

ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence organized the 2nd meeting of the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (ΝΙΕΜ) project on Tuesday, July 27, 2017, at the social center 'Oikopolis', Ptolemeon 29A, Thessaloniki.

The participants were mainly representatives of organisations, volunteers and individuals working in the field of integration.
The event started with a round table under the title ‘Phases & Contradictions of Integration; The migrants and refugees’ integration in Greece, concerns & perspectives’, where many topics were discussed concerning the legal framework, policies and practices of the current integration process in Greece. The discussion also served to pinpoint the necessity of involving administrative staff, beneficiaries of international protection and their organisations as well as individuals and groups of the local society. Thus, it established the basis of the coalition of organisations and individuals active in the field of integration in the city of Thessaloniki. Its aim will be to open up its participants and multiply the effects of its work.

The discussion was followed by intercultural part of the meeting, which included some Syrian-vegan food prepared by refugees along with multicultural music played by a mixed group of musicians – which was a good example of sociocultural integration and living together.