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31.01.2017 POLAND // Changes in the Law on Granting Protection to Foreigners in Poland

The new Amendments to the Law on Protection proposed on the 31st of January will change dramatically the process of applying for asylum in Poland. 
The most important changes are the introduction of simplified “border procedures” in which the asylum application will be submitted at the border and investigated within 28 days during which asylum seekers will be waiting in detention centers situated at the borderline. There is, however, a list of people to whom “border procedures” will not be applied: victims of torture (if recognized by the border guards), foreigners with critical heath situations which prevents them from staying in the detention center, disabled migrants and unaccompanied minors. The Amendment is clear in this regard, but little is known about the procedure in practice.
The second major change is the creation of a list of “safe countries of origin” and “safe third-countries” meaning that applications of asylum seekers originating from or traversing this country may be automatically examined within the “border procedure”. The list of “safe countries” will be introduced by the Prime Minister and renewed every two years. However, the proposition of the list of the countries that are to be declared “safe” is still unknown.