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A step towards the new role of Lithuania in receiving migrants

The public discussion "Understanding the (dis) connection: solidarity beyond borders" was organized to bring together activists and specialists  from different regions of Europe in aim to discuss the factors underpinning cross-border solidarity.
According to a recent agreement signed in Malta, Lithuania, together with the other ten EU countries, declared willingness to  accept more migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.  It the Lithuanian society prepared to accept the newcomers?
Diversity Development Group conducted a representative survey of public attitudes  towards refugees and Lithuania's role in the EU refugee resettlement program.

During the event  Giedrė Blažytė, a researcher at Diversity Development Group, presented the results of and drew attention to the contradictory opinion of Lithuanians about the newcomers.
The survey revealed that, Lithuanian residents are more likely to see the negative impact of refugees arriving in Lithuania and indicate more favorable groups as Christians or  political refugees. According to the researcher, unwillingness towards refugees arises from the lack of personal contact and opinion shaped  by the media.