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Anti-crisis shield act 2.0 extends all types of residency in Poland

Spokesman for the Office for Foreigners Jakub Dudziak has announced that, the novelization of the project Anti-crisis Shield Act 2.0 contains solutions  that will allow to extend all types of residency, which would expire during the epidemic, including the stay in Poland on the basis of visa-free travel or Schengen visas also issued by the other EU Member State or long-term visa issued by another European Union Member State other than a Schengen State.

The proposed regulation also provides extension of temporary certificates of identity of a foreigner (TZTC). This type of document is issued to people seeking international protection in Poland during the administrative procedure. 

The fist version of the  Anti-crisis Shield Act, entered into force on March 31, introduced the extension of national visas and temporary residence permit.  

As the Office for Foreigners informs, that the period of validity of all residency documents will be extended until the end of the 30th day following the date of cancellation of the emergency state.