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Belgium. Minister of Asylum and Migration Maggie announced two new measures  intended to  restrain reception of asylum seekers who have bypassed EU asylum rules.

These measures are directed to asylum seekers, who have already obtained protection in another EU Member or who refuses to return to the EU Member State where they were first registered within so called EU ‘Dublin regulations’. 
These two profiles will not  benefit from refuge in Belgium. They will continue to receive support if they want to return to the country where they have a status (asylum being granted or processed). Nevertheless the authorities highlight, that “the vulnerability” of applicants should be taken into account  and each case  should  be investigated on an individual basis. 

Read more: https://www.brusselstimes.com/belgium/87906/relative-of-belgiums-executioner-of-raqqa-charged-over-suspected-terror-financing-anouar-chakir-haddouchi-brussels-paris-attacks-mohamed-abrini/