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Fatal Journeys Volume 4: Missing Migrant Children

Fatal Journeys Volume 4: Missing Migrant Children – new report presents data on minor migrant fatalities worldwide, highlights risk and vulnerability factors children face during journeys or at the destination place, lists issues of state responsibility in the scope of protection of children's rights and  brings up ethical considerations surrounding research on missing migrant children.  The report is a contribution to the joint efforts of UNICEF, UNHCR, IOM, Eurostat and OECD. 

Here are some key findings: 
•    30 million (1 in 80) children worldwide were living outside their country of birth in 2017;
•    there are more than 12 million child refugees and approximately 1 million asylum-seeking children in the world; 
•    nearly 1,600 children have been recorded dead or missing since 2014;
•    more than 250 migrant children are reported missing annually; 
•    the records presents a wide age scope of missing children: from 40-day-old babies to 17-year-old teenagers; 
•    children from as many as 46 countries of origin have died and continue to die around the world in search of a better future;
•    children have less access to safe, legal and regular migration options than adults; 
•    migration of children is often invisible in data and policy; 
•    children are often exposed to “vulnerability chains”, what means that one vulnerability can spark others when children try to cope with it; 

More information in the report:  https://publications.iom.int/books/fatal-journeys-volume-4-missing-migrant-children