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Granting international protection in Poland: the newest data for 2019

Summarizing the 2019, the Office for Foreigners shared the newest data showing that there were 4009 decisions issued in Poland in cases of international protection.

There were  265 positive decisions, including 131 decisions granting international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection), and 134 decisions granting national protection ( permit for tolerated stay or residence permit for humanitarian reasons). 
The vast majority of cases were completed not granting protection to applicants, including 2015 decisions on discontinuing  in cases when the applicant leaved the country or his or her stay was unknown for the authorities.  1729 cases ended with a negative decision.
Most applications for international protection in Poland were submitted  by asylum-seekers with Russian (2586), Ukrainian (461) and Tajik (123) citizenships.

Under the Polish Law  on Protection applications should be submitted to the Border Guard (SG) which will then transfer them to the Head of the Office for Foreigners.