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Greece – 19th NIEM Coalition Meeting

On 29 November 2021, "ANTIGONE - Information and Documentation Center for Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence" (ANTIGONE) organized the 19th meeting of the alliance within the project "National Integration and Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM)". The topic of the event was: "The absence of integration infrastructure in the Greek region (islands and inland)".

The experience of being a refugee is characterized by a long-term uncertainty and wait is one of the pivotal experiences. The context of temporality affects both the refugees and those working in the field. In this meeting we approached the issue through experiences from the field and we examined the concept of integration within this difficult and fluid environment.

The meeting begun with a brief overview of the integration indicators through the NIEM program. Together with the field workers, we discussed how the provision of services to the refugee context is affected by the ongoing changes in measures and policies. The suggestions and placements concerned all the stages of entry, reception, hospitality and what is called "integration". The precarious conditions of workers constituted another important issue discussed.