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Italy is expected to improve hosting system for asylum seekers

After submitting asylum application the person enters the first phase of her or his life on a new place full of uncertainties and challenges related to long-lasting administrative procedure,  facing difficulties related to inability to work and meet basic needs, ensure appropriate housing nad heath care for themselves and family members.

For majority of people this period lasts for months if not years as the time awaiting the asylum decision in EU member states exceed a six-months time-limit provided by the EU Asylum Procedures Directive. Although the recent studies highlight the importance of the so called “reception period” for further adaptation pathways. Insufficiency or even lack of national and local policies negatively effect and slow down integration of asylum seekers within the local community.  

One of the European documents that provides suggestions on how to improve national policies is the  Reception Conditions Directive. The document aims at ensuring better as well as more harmonized standards of reception conditions throughout the Union. It ensures that applicants have access to housing, food, clothing, health care, education for minors and access to employment under certain conditions. Although the newest  NIEM report The European benchmark for refugee integration. Evaluation 1: Comprehensive report stated that EU  member states do not provide much integration support for asylum seekers. Some forthcoming reforms are expected to be implemented in Italy. 

Italy announced forthcoming changes aimed to improve reception system of asylum seekers in the country. As the Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has stated in August,  work on a new draft decree on immigration has been finalized.  According to the Minister the new legislation will change the hosting system for asylum seekers “so they can become part of a circuit of hosting” identical to those who are subjected to international protection. 

The Minister also announced that the decree would restore the system of SPRAR (Protection System for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, financed by the Ministry for the Interior through the National Fund for Asylum Policy and Services)  centers that provide accommodation and assistance to migrants. 

The new legislation is planned o be discussed in the Council of Ministers in September.

Kseniya Homel 
NIEM’s National Advocacy Officer
The European and Migration Policy Programme
Institute of Public Affairs


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