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25.01.2017 Joint efforts of Romanian civil society organizations defending the rights of migrants

In the first two months of 2017, Romanian civil society organizations active in the sector of migrant integration have initiated the dialogue for a collective effort towards the common advocacy goals. The establishment of the Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees is the first important step. These activities are taken place as a joint efforts of two AMIF-funded projects, one of them being NIEM.
On January 25, several NGOs met to discuss their plans and current activities for the following years. It was an interactive workshop, and participants could attend either in person or via the online platform. There were present organizations that have at least one of the following activities: offer direct services to beneficiaries of international protection; undertake research on the situation of migrants in Romania; and conduct advocacy work to defend the rights of migrants.
The discussion was initiated by the Center for Documentation and Research in the Field of Migrant Integration, in the framework of the AMIF-funded project Eminet. One of the objectives of the project is to convene the advocacy efforts of various organizations through a national coalition. Since the NIEM project, also funded by AMIF, has a similar objective, the Center for Public Innovation, NIEM partner in Romania, proposed to join efforts and work together towards the common goal. The general agreement to continue working together was one of the main results of the first meeting. Members of the Coalition also agreed to participate with their expertise in the evaluation mechanism of the NIEM project.