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New Italian security decree adds to unofficial clampdown on aid to asylum seekers

New decree law on immigration and security, known as “salvini law”, brings far-reaching restrictions for Italian system of protection.  

The most vulnerable group are immigrants who  are not qualified for refugee status or subsidiary protection but benefit  from temporary ‘humanitarian protection’.  Immigrants who currently benefits from humanitarian protection will not be allowed to revenue the permit anymore and will risk being returned. New regulation may lead to significant  increase (over  60,000) of people with irregular legal status  by 2020. 

What are main novelty of the regulation: 

-    Extremely shortened (from 6 months to one year) ‘special protection’ residence permit granted in restricted ‘special cases’ instead of humanitarian protection.  Such permits are renewable and allow the holder to work but cannot be converted into a work permit;
-    Prolonged foreigner’s detention in return centres from 90 to 180 days within return procedures;
-    Exclusion  from international protection in case of committing a felony;
-    Circumstances of inadmissibility of an asylum application;
-    Accelerated procedures for asylum-seekers in border or transit zones.

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