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New residency rights for failed asylum seekers in Malta

The new policy will grant failed asylum seekers, who have demonstrated integration efforts the right to obtain a more stable, two-year residency permit. The Specific Residence Authorisation Policy was launched on 16 November in collaboration between the Ministry for Home Affairs of Malta and National Security and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Processes.
For long years asylum seekers who were denied refugee status and could not be repatriated or relocated to other countries lived in a legal and social limbo which resulted in many people living in poverty and precarity. The new policy will be accessible by current holders of the Temporary Humanitarian Protection N status. Granting failed asylum seekers who have integrated into Maltese society residency status, is being hailed as a “bold step forward” by human rights groups. Malta’s Migrant focused NGOs have welcomed a new policy giving eligible migrants the grounds to stay.The human rights organisations and other migrant advocacy groups, said the new policy will give eligible people the possibility to make the significant shift from a temporary and insecure situation to one that embraces the principles of transparency and predictability.
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