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29.03.2017 ITALY // New Law Addressing Unaccompanied Minors in Italy

After a long negotiation period, a new law addressing unaccompanied minors (UAMs) went into effect in Italy on March 29th. The main goal of the new law is to increase UAMs’ protections and defend their rights. The first reform regards the reception system. more>>>
22.02.2017 VILNIUS, LITHUANIA // Second National Coalition Meeting

The second National Coalition Meeting was organised with the purpose of presenting NIEM and to discuss recent legislative and institutional developments in the area of asylum and refugee integration policies within Lithuania and to initiate a long-term advocacy strategy for better refugee integration policies in Lithuania under NIEM’s umbrella.   more>>>
25.01.2016 BUKAREST, ROMANIA // Joint efforts of Romanian civil society organizations defending the right of migrants

In the first two months of 2017, Romanian civil society organizations active in the sector of migrant integration have initiated the dialogue for a collective effort towards the common advocacy goals. The establishment of the Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees is the first important step. more >>>
9.03.2017 MALMÖ, SWEDEN // First National Coalition Meeting in Malmo

On March 9th 2017, Malmo Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare, Malmö University organized the NIEM First National Coalition Meeting as part of the Migration Seminar. The objective of the meeting was to present and promote the NIEM project to both researchers and practitioners. more>>>
14.02.2017 MALMÖ, SWEDEN // Kickoff of Malmö University’s post doc program in refugee research

Welcoming and presenting the post docs to fellow colleagues and migration researchers, the kickoff was also a celebration of the university’s commitment to refugee research. Post docs are part of the Refugee research initiative Malmö University initiates. more>>>
2.02.2017 SOFIA, BULGARIA // NIEM Second National Coalition Meeting in Bulgaria

On  February 2nd  2017, Multi Kulti Collective and the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants organized the NIEM Second National Coalition Meeting in the format of an intercultural evening:  “The integration of migrants and refugees – innovative practices”. more>>>
31.01.2017  POLAND // Changes in the Law on Granting Protection to Foreigners in Poland
The new Amendments to the Law on Protection proposed on the 31st of January will change dramatically the process of applying for asylum in Poland. more>>>
26.01.2017, SLOVENIA // ​Worrying Changes in the Act on Foreigners in Slovenia

On 26th of January 2017 the Slovenian National Assemly adopted the new Act on Foreigners. Especially problematic are the two articles - Article 10a (changed circumstances in the field of migration) and Article 10b (measures in case of changed circumstances in the field of migration) - which will give the National Assembly in the case of "changed circumstances" a power to close borders for refugees and prohibit them to apply for asylum. more>>>
25.01.2017 BUKAREST, ROMANIA // Understanding the NIEM indicators in the Romanian context

On January 25th, the Center for Public Innovation in Romania held the first national coalition preparatory meeting for  the NIEM project. The event was organized with support from the UNHCR Romania and was hosted at the UN House in Bucharest. more>>>
15.12.2015 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY/// Coalition meeting in Budapest

On 15 December 2016, Menedék Association participated in the fifth information-sharing and coordination meeting organized by UNHCR's Regional Representation. The aim of the coordination meeting was to exchange information on refugee and migration developments in Hungary and Central Europe. more>>>
13.12.2016 SOFIA, BULGARIA // NIEM First National Coalition Meeting in Bulgaria

On 13 December 2016, Multi Kulti Collective and the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants organized the first NIEM meeting with participants from different stakeholders relevant to refugee integration in Bulgaria. more>>>
7.10.2016 WARSAW, POLAND // Local Responses to Refugee Crisis - Initial Reception and Integration. Dutch and Polish Experiences.

Investing in integration today, will contribute to making Europe a more prosperous, cohesive and inclusive society in the long term - that was the main concept of the conference Local Responses to the Refugee Crisis:  Initial Reception and Integration – Dutch and Polish Experiences. more>>>
21.11.2016 WARSAW, POLAND // Launch of the biggest research project in the EU dedicated to answering the question on how to better integrate refugees. 

The NIEM project initiated in 2016 aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of the integration process of refugees in fifteen European states. For the next six years, analysts will create a complex evaluation of the current refugee and asylum seeker integration policy.  more>>>