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16.03.2017 Shaping the advocacy agenda of the Romanian Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees

The Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees, a platform that convenes Romanian NGOs working in the sector of migrants’ integration, was established in the first months of 2017, as reported in our previous article. During March and April, the Coalition focus was on shaping the advocacy agenda, starting from the priorities identified by its members.
On March 16th, the working meeting of the Coalition was dedicated to the topic of work permits for third country citizens that arrived in Romania for family reunion visits. Reports from the ground are showing that these persons have difficulties obtaining their work permit, even if they have legally arrived in Romania, leading to bottlenecks in the integration process. An analyses by the Intercultural Research and Communication Center (IRCC), member of the Coalition, identified legislative gaps and proposed solutions.
During the workshops, the participants acknowledged that the proposed solutions imply both amending the legislation and strengthening the capacity of the responsible institutions. A draft advocacy plan was sketched, starting with tentative discussions with representatives of the Government and Members of the Parliament, to raise awareness about the problem and potential solutions. IRCC will follow-up on the topic.