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The Center for Public Innovation, and its partners from the Coalition for Integration of Migrants and Refugees, presented the draft results of the NIEM national report on Romania.

The first half of the day was public. Victoria Cojocariu, the NIEM National Researcher, and Carmine Conte, from the Migration Policy Group, presented the results of the baseline evaluation undertaken in the framework of the NIEM project. The focus of the presentation was on access to labor market and education. Bogdan Voicu and Alexandra Dediu, representing the Institute for the Research of the Quality of Life (part of the Romanian Academy), presented complementary research on the public perceptions on migration. 

More than 50 persons participated to the event: half of them from the civil society and academia, and the other half from various public institutions dealing with migration issues. The comparative analyses of the data raised a great deal of interest, and participants asked for more information on how other EU member states are dealing with similar issues. 

After the break, the event focused again on the access of migrants to labor market. Two major topics surfaced: the procedures required for foreigners to obtain the work permit, in particular for refugees and other beneficiaries of international protection; and how the rights of foreigners are protected in relationship with their employers. A vivid discussion was stimulated by the presence of the representative of a national Labor Union, who raised the question if the Unions are ready to accept and defend foreign workers.

The second part of the day, after the lunch break, was dedicated to an internal meeting of the Coalition for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees (CDMiR). Four more members joined the coalition, including the national branches of two prestigious international organizations, Save the Children and Terre des Hommes. CDMiR now counts 20 NGO members, and four supporters (three academic institutions and the Romanian UNHCR Office). Center for Public Innovation was elected for its second term as secretary general (one year mandate). CDMiR discussed its advocacy priorities for 2019, which maintain the focus on education, citizenship, and access to labor market.