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The EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union 2018

European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has released  a new document: The EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union 2018. The Report presents the latest available data, statistical trends and analyses changes in EU+ countries regarding their legislation, policies, practices, as well as national case law. 

On the basis of  European asylum reform project, significant progress was noticed in five out of seven proposals: the EU Asylum Agency, the Eurodac Regulation, the EU Resettlement Framework Regulation, the Qualification Regulation and the Reception Conditions Directive, for which the co-legislators reached broad political agreement by the June 2018 deadline.

Here are some of key findings: 
-    a continuing  decrease trend in applications  for international protection in EU+ (10%);
-    top 3 citizenships of origin of asylum seekers: Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq;
-    over a third of  all applicants  for international protection were female and almost a third were minors. Access to information for unaccompanied minors continued to remain top priority across the EU+;
-    almost three quarters of all applications were lodged in Germany, France, Greece, Italy, and Spain;
-    for the cases in first instance the total EU  recognition rate  was 39 %  and  the higher rate of positive decisions was  noticed for applicants from Yemen (89 %), Syria (88 %) and Eritrea (85 %), however  the lowest recognition rates were for applicants from Moldova (1 %), North Macedonia (2 %) and Georgia (5 %). 

The full report is available: https://www.easo.europa.eu/easo-annual-report-2018