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The EU-funded Sustainable Practices of Integration (SprINg) project

The project aims at making integration policies at national, regional and local levels more effective, evidence-based, innovative, transferable and sustainable.

Why the need for SprINg?

Since the large-scale arrival of refugees and other migrants since 2014, a number of integration practices and programmes have been created. Yet there has been very little guidance about what makes a practice effective and sustainable. SprINg aims to bridge this gap by developing a toolbox to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the work done by Europe’s integration stakeholders at national, regional and local levels.
The project is directly addressed to stakeholders working in the field of migrant integration and provides them with:
•    information that is available and accessible
•    tools to formulate and reflect on their knowledge needs. 

Join Us Campaign
During the month of December 2021, the SprINg consortium launched a “Join Us” Campaign to help European integration actors at national, regional, and local level to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their work.
The campaign is addressed to all actors engaged in the field of integration and inclusion of migrants in Europe:  communities of practice, professional networks, as well as individual actors. Moreover, government practitioners, NGOs, think-thanks, international organizations, independent and grassroots groups, foundations and umbrella organizations, research projects consortium or independent researchers are also warmly invited to join the project.
 So far, SprINg has received registrations from 31 different countries, with 50.5% of the registrations coming from NGOs and non-profit organizations, along with voluntary organizations, public authorities, universities, think tanks, international organizations, migrant and diaspora organizations and many others creating a diverse and heterogeneous community.

By joining the project, practitioners co-design instruments supporting their practices, become part of a diverse community, increase visibility of their work and influence policies and practices.

Registrations are still open to Join the Project!
Find out more on the campaign’s page here 

What’s New?
SPRING will now engage with selected practitioners to start co-designing tools that make their practices more sustainable. In the upcoming months the SprINg platform will become increasingly interactive, allowing an effective and constant exchange of practices and evidence, while enabling the connection of individuals and organizations that have joined the community.