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The Migrational Analytical Centre will be established in the Office for Foreigners

The Migrational Analytical Centre (MCA) will be established as a part of migration crisis response mechanism within join project of the Visegrad Group countries.

Addressing current complex migration challenges authorities and governmental institutions are in need of efficient instruments to create and develop national migration and integration polices. The Ministers of the Interior of the Visegrad Group made an attempt to increase cooperation within alliance states initiating the Migration Crisis Response Mechanism. Inherently, the Migration Analytical Center in Poland should develop long-lasting contacts between institutions and proffer as a core platform for information exchange, collection, transmission and analysis. We hope that the MAC will bring together experts and specialists from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia  to evolve further discussions on methodologies of data collection. Moreover we believe that the data will be sufficiently used for improving migration and integration  polices.