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The right of free access to the Greek National Health System for refugees from Ukraine

According to a circular of the Ministry of Health issued on 28/3/2022, all Ukrainian citizens, who were forced to leave their country due to the war that had broken out after the Russian invasion, have free access to the Greek National Health System (NHS). These patients, until they obtain a Social Security Registration Number (AMKA) as citizens of a third country, have direct access to hospitals and Health Centres, by showing their passport or, in case they do not have one, by showing the relevant document that has already been given to them by the Greek Police. 

Based on the circular, the following applies:

1.    All citizens of Ukraine, who have been forced to leave their country of origin due to the war, are members of the uninsured and vulnerable social groups and have the right to free access to the National Health System, including nursing and medical care.

2.    Nursing care is provided by the Greek State, in all hospitals, nursing institutions that are legal entities of public or private law, mental health units and all public units of primary health care services, as well as the National Health System and the Institutions of Rehabilitation and Social Care of the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, by the doctors of the aforementioned bodies, who will prescribe drugs and perform the required therapeutic operations and diagnostic tests.

3.    The medical care is provided by the private pharmacies contracted with the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY), after the prescription of the doctors according to the existing provisions. High-cost medicines, which fall within the framework of par. 2 of article 12 of law 3816/2010 (A '6), are provided exclusively by the pharmacies of the Hospitals and the EOPYY.

4.    Ukrainian refugees, as third-country nationals, must hold or obtain an AMKA. Until it is acquired, the health services are to be provided upon presentation of either a passport or a relevant document of the Greek Police.

5.    Hospitals must accept patients of the above category and provide them with the aforementioned medical services, regardless of the possession of legal documents and the manner of their arrival.

6.    These incidents should be recorded in the books kept at the outpatient clinics and the Hospital Traffic Office, and the costs will be recorded in the categories "Refugees - Series Z".

7.    In any case, the Offices for the Protection of the Rights of Recipients of Health Services and the Social Services, in cooperation with the Patient Movement Offices of hospitals and public structures, are responsible for the timely information and assistance of patients of the aforementioned category, for all the above.