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The V4NIEM (Visegrad Countries National Integration Evaluation Mechanism) as a part of a broader European project NIEM (National Integration Evaluation Mechanism) focuses on regional dimension based on longterm evaluation of integration policies in V4 countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

V4NIEM aims to improve integration of migrants, refugees and beneficiaries of international protection (BIPs) through research, networking of stakeholders and common advocacy in V4 countries in order to enhance elaboration of efficient solutions for national integration politics and prevent maladaptation of newcomers and potential social tensions and conflicts resulting from intolerance and xenophobia.

V4NIEM includes:
  • Networking of experts in integration politics by establishing of regular peer group meetings of stakeholders (NGOs, academia, public servants, etc.) in order to share experience and evaluate implemented solutions in V4 countries.
  • Longterm evaluation of integration politics based on outputs of regular peer group meetings and implementation of Integration Evaluation Tool results. The research mechanism was developed by organizations Migration Policy Group and UNHCR and is being updated under the project NIEM.
  • Information and good practice sharing and exchange between V4 project partners.
  • Publication of comparative analyses that summarize particular issues and provide recommendations for improvement of integration politics. 

The project consists of two phases: implementation period 2016-2019 (1st phase), 2020-2021 (2nd phase)
  • During the 1st phase, based on the reliable research and analyses, partners have published national and comparative reports (available to download): 

2019 Updated comparative report: Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection in V4 (English)
NIEM: The European benchmark for refugee integration: A comparative analysis of the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism in 14 EU countries (English)
2017 Comparative report: Asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in V4 countries (English)
  • In the 2nd phase, a set of four (out of which 2 are forthcoming) comparative analyses delving deeper into specific dimensions of integration policies have been elaborated (available to download):

Housing Support for Beneficiaries of International Protection in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (English)
Housing Support for Beneficiaries of International Protection in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (Czech)
The role of local governments in the integration of refugees in the V4 countries (English)


Czechia: Člověk v tísni (People in Need), project leader
Poland: Instytut Spraw Publicznych (Institute of Public Affairs)
Hungary: Menedék Migránsokat Segítő Egyesület (Menedék Hungarian Association for Migrants)
Slovakia: Marginal


Ondřej Novotný, +420 777 761 784, (ondrej.novotny@clovekvtisni.cz)

The V4NIEM project is co-financed with the Visegrad Fund within the Visegrad Strategic Grant (1st phase) and Visegrad Grant (2nd phase).
Grant awarded from International Visegrad Fund for 2020-2021: 30,390 EUR 

The Visegrad Fund is not responsible for the content any output of the project or for their use. Partners bear exclusive responsibility.