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Violation of the right to apply for international protection  for  Russian citizens of Chechen origin takes place at the Terespol border crossing station between Poland and Belarus.

Helsinska Foundation of Human Rights collected complains that despite foreigners said they had been at risk of persecution in Chechnya during border checks, the Border Guard notoriously refuses to accept applications for international protection,  sent applicants  back to Belarus, exposing them  to deportation, where they might be subjected to torture. 

In occasion of International Migrants Day NGOs, NGOs working for immigrants and refugees, Association for Legal Intervention, Amnesty International Poland, Uchodzcy.info, Homo Faber, Nomada Association,  Migrant Info Point, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Chlebem  I Solą, Polskie Forum Migracyjne  have launched the joint initiative "Przepraszamy" ("Sorry for"). Billboards with the slogan are placed at the border point. more>>>