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What the polish anti-crisis shield act proposes in case of stay permits for migrants?

On march 15, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak,  Poland closed  its borders for foreigners. Such restrictions provided to information chaos.  

Update 14.04.2020: Anti-crisis shield act 2.0 ​

People with ending validity of visas and temporary residence cards find themselves in situation of uncertainty, facing the risk to stay in Poland without no legal documents or to return to country of origin.  As the first secretary of the Ukrainian embassy in Poland, Dmitry Horban announced, more than 20,000 Ukrainian citizens left Poland within a week from the closer of the border. 

The propositions to extend the legal stay for migrants appeared in a draft version of the anti-crisis shield act, announced by the polish government 

The document proposes automatic extension of national visas and temporary residence permits,  which would expire during the epidemic, up to 30 day after the state of emergency will be lifted. 

Organisations, which provide legal assistance for migrants,  comment, that such proposition can be considerate as a positive move, but still is very limited and  does not include all necessary solutions to secure the situation of migrants in Poland. 

According to the latest ordinance of the Minister of Interior and Administration the borders remain closed till the 13 of April. 

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